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Bridging the gap between strategic intent and operational execution


Charting the Path Forward - A "playbook" outlining potential acquisitions, licensing opportunities, partnering models, and organic growth actions to maximize Shareholder value.

Putting the Pieces Together - Opportunity Zones are rolled up into Business Themes, and vetted for fit with your current business & capabilities, leading to 3-4 Themes as future Growth Platforms.

Go-to-Market Plans

Business Themes

Sizing & Mapping the Opportunities - This entails evaluating the market size &  CAGR, technical challenges & needs, competitive intensity, and pace of technology adoption to score each Zone's attractiveness 

Opportunity Zones

Leveraging Adjacent Market Opportunities to Drive Business Recovery for Middle Market Industrial Products Company 

Creating a new $100 million business for a Fortune 1000 Industrial Products Company

Creating a new $3 billion business for a Fortune 50 Global Consumer Healthcare Company

Selected examples of our work - Case Studies

Possible Solutions to Unmet Needs - Interventions represent the universe of solutions available to meet the unmet Customer/Country needs, without the constraints of existing competencies.

Customer vs. Country Needs - Depending on the Growth Venue selected, the next step is to identify relevant unmet Customer/Country needs...this will uncover where "White Space" opportunities lie.

Adjacent Business vs. Geographic Expansion - The first step is to objectively evaluate your current business strengths, functional competencies, and product/service capabilities to select a Growth Venue.


Approach Vectors

Growth Venues

Our Growth Strategy Practice helps clients strategically target business "Opportunity Zones" and establish new "Growth Trajectories"